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Twitter in our lives

30 Sep
Nowadays, Twitter take a place really important in our lifes. Indeed, today, 200 millions people in the world are using Twitter.                                  

For those who don´t know the concept of Twitter it´s really simple. It is a social network wich consist to post short messages (funny, sad, unnecessary, as you want) for people who are “following” you.

Twitter is a really good concept because not to much intrusive.
Unfortunately Twitter is not as famous as Facebook for exemple.

But his ascent is not ready to stop, so if you are attempted do not hesitate anymore !!


Why can’t we live without Facebook ?

19 Sep

For most of teenagers, students and even workers, Facebook is THE place to be. But why are they so addicted to this social network ? why are they still connected ?

First of all, Facebook makes us all addicted because nowadays, those who don’t have a Facebook account are excluded from society.
Indeed, Facebook allows us to have a social life, to belong to a community, to share our hobbies, our feelings and to talk to people from all over the world.

And Hence, those who don’t have a Facebook account are cheesy because they aren’t in this cercle of sharing and communication…

Moreover, when we reveal our life or our personnality on Facebook, we do it without complex, because everyone else do as we. So Facebook does not allow us only to exist and to take confidence on ourselves, but also allow us to know better the others.

That’s why, people are not just addicted to Facebook because it’s a social network. They are also addicted to the people they discover and to the satisfaction they retire to make their thoughts heard, this contributes to their flourishing.

In addition, Facebook is also a good argument to be hired. But this is another subject, maybe the next one ?

Thanks for reading ! and see you soon 😉