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Help Filipinos !!

15 Dec

Hi !

We decided to help Filipinos to rebuild their houses, infrastructures, etc..

As you probably know, typhoon Hayan hit Filipinos causing more than 100 000 dead and ravaging the archipelagos.

To help them, we chose to contribute to a crowdfunding, this one :

We don’t ask 100 euros or dollars, we just ask for a contribution, because if everyone donate a little, we could give them an important sum of money.

Thank you very much for reading and possibly for the participation.

Have a good day !


“AR Maps”, an augmented reality application.

2 Dec

The application « AR Maps » allows us to experience the physical world around us as augmented reality.

Indeed, AR Maps uses the GPS, the compass and the gyroscope of your iPhone in order to propose a double view :

–       On the bottom half of the screen, there is a map with a point symbolizing your direction and wich will move in terms of your movements.

–       On the top half of the screen, thanks to the camera you will see what is around you with instructions to guide you.

We can also get some information about the hotels, shops, restaurants etc. next to us.

This application is really usefull to find our ways, and it is free ! Nervertheless, there are sometimes improvements to bring because it doesn’t work very well all the time.

Users are thinking that it’s a very usefull and awesome application.

So, don’t wait anymore and try !!