What is Pinterest ? An animated Video..

9 Nov


What is catfish ?

22 Oct

Catfish is an American TV show about diffused on MTV.

The aim of this serie is to show how the online dating can be false by testing somes, and see if they are truths or lies.

Catfish is also a film made by Nev Schulman in 2010. This film inspired the serie.

Catfish has differents meanings. The common meaning : a fish whose the race is called catfish. But, another is on the internet. Here, a catfish is a person who creates fakes personal profiles on social media sites. This person injure the people who wants to find the love, for example, because these people are just discussing with a fake…

This wrong emotional relationship is it legitimate ? 

The TV show allow us to realize it is such a cruel act to be a selfish because the let people who wants to find the love with a hope, but there is no. with the catfish. The problem is there are more and more catfishes on meeting websites, and more and more people are getting “scammed”…


What about spying across the social networks ?

22 Oct

What’s giving to me the idea to write this post is an other work I am doing in the same time. In fact, I am working about the secret in our societies, and particularly spying.

Everyone heard about the Snowden case, the NSA or even the program prism. All of them are spying case from USA.

This is a topical issue, but why and how are there such of spying ?

NSA is a spying organization whose role is to spy the population of the world. Yes but, what is the link which social networks ?

It is that social networks are the main way to spy on the Internet.  Trough them, they can pick up your information, even if you put them private.

This raises ethical issues and recently, Snowden greatly stir up the problem from the secret.


Yesterday, the 21st of october, France learnt via Le Monde that her political system and politicians are spied by NSA. The french minister of Foreign Affairs  immediatly convened a U.S. Ambassador to know more about this.

They discover 70 millions of spied are donc on french people. Social Networks allowed them to do that.

Since its inception, NSA has violated thousands of laws

For the next post, we will try to find you a video about NSA or another spying case.

See ya 🙂




15 Oct

This article is about the social network : Instagram. If you do not even know this network, I’m sure you will love it !!

Enjoy 🙂




Connected, but Alone ?

14 Oct

In one of her “TED Talks” Sherry Turkle raises an issue : are we connected more than ever, but also more alone than ever ?

For her, people think that thanks to social networks they have more friends than before, they are more recognized than before etc…

Actually, they believe that their social life is developing while it is quite the opposite : it is getting poorer.

For instance, nowadays people are too busy to talk to us or even to see us. Simply because they prefer chatting on social networks, texting on their mobile phone or checking their e-mails.  And even if it’s sad, it’s right !

Because of the internet, relationships between people are getting poorer. The boys prefer flirt with girls on internet instead in real life. However, they are not more shy than before. So why people are so scared about the real contact with the others ? Maybe they are scared to be disappointed by what they would discover or by they would show about themselves ?

That’s why, today people think having a lot of friends. But in reality they have friends of poorer quality than before, because they are virtual.

Moreover, people doesn’t take time anymore to know each other. They learn to know each other only thanks to social networks as Facebook for example.  And it’s a shame !

But it’s a fact : People would rather text than talk.

So when we listen to Sherry Turkle, we understand than if we are not careful, our mobile phone will soon replace our friends because as she says :”we expect more than technology and less from each other”. Perhaps because behind a screen, we are less vulnerable.

Whereas in reality, it’s when we stumble or lose our words, that we reveal ourselves to each other. So we have to relearn to discover people who are next to us without add them on Facebook as friend. Therefore, we have to talk to them in direct to know them better than when we hide ourselves behind a Facebook Profil or a Twitter account.

According to Sherry Turkle, that is the only way to built a true and sincere relationship between two persons…

How to prevent social networks turn against us ?

14 Oct

Here is the witness of Patricia Taylor. She gives us a piece of advice to respect about the utilisation of social networks :

“Should you decide to use social media, it is imperative that you keep the following guidelines in mind:

1) Everything you post is public. Do not assume anything you post on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, your blog or any other social media network is private, regardless of your privacy settings. Do not post anything on social media that you consider private. Assume opposing counsel will read your profile or posts;

2) Be consistent. Again, assume opposing counsel will research your virtual identity. You should not post anything that could be used against you during cross-examination;

3) Avoid posting about or commenting on past or present cases. Not only can this information be twisted by opposing counsel, you may also violate confidentiality provisions with your client; and

4) Avoid discussing controversial or inflammatory subjects that are inherently divisive such as religion, race, sexual orientation, etc. Always strive to be cautious and prudent. Good judgment will result in future employment opportunities as you will be considered trustworthy and professional.”


Now you just have to be careful 😉


See you soon !



New social network : PATH

8 Oct

Path is a social network, as a lot of social networks. The difference is that Path search to focus on those who are dear to us. In this context, the limit of friends on Path is 50. To show you this new social network there is a short video : (enjoy !!)